Source of Yellow is Nawi Avila, Nick Hasty, and Peter Kerlin

Interview on Visitation Rights

"Source of Yellow; a Brooklyn trio consisting of bass, drums, sax, and a plethora of electronics and assorted sound generators are a true beacon of light in the seemingly eternal talentless night that has fallen on the NYC music scene. Combining metronomically precise krautboogie ur-rhythms with walls of textured electronics and sparse inventive sax playing Source of Yellow play music that would have been right at home on both the Brain and ESP-Disk record labels. They are indebted to the great innovators of free music's past without cannibalizing them, blazing a new direction away from the necrophillic tendencies of modern music."
- -- Avant Ghetto

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this wild trio comes baring a challenging sound on their new EP – they meld together an array of electronics and musical influences to create something truly unique that clearly requires some serious talent. When it’s all said and done, the seventeen minutes that make up this EP speaks volume for the band, suggesting what is probably a surreal live performance to go along with their visionary status.
-- Review of "The Said" on Styrofoam Drone

Between these three tracks, Source of Yellow provide a variety of musical flavors, along with the facility of schooled musicians. They’re like a jazz band gone wrong, and I mean that as a compliment. They share the same ethos as Tortoise, except Source of Yellow is even more obscure. It’s always inspiring to find new bands like this. It lets us know everything hasn’t been done before, and there is new ground to cover, as long as the musicians are connecting and channeling energy in a stimulating way.
-- Review of "The Said" on Heavy Planet

"Source of Yellow as a band of great import, and The Said is the perfect introduction into their world."
-- Review of "The Said" on Sonic Masala

In the sea of experimental rock groups that has seemingly permeated Brooklyn forever, it takes a lot to stand out. Brooklyn natives Source of Yellow, a trio who rely heavily on krautrock beats, electro-acoustic improvisation, and a good dose of Indian raga to craft their sound, may now have what it takes.
-- Review of "The Said" from inyourspeakers